Restaurant on the roof

Nomiya is a transportable, temporary restaurant on the roof of Palais de Tokyo museum (Paris, France). The 63 sqm restaurant features a 12 people dining room with a panoramic view over the Eiffel tower and the Seine.

Design: Laurent Grasso, Pascal Grasso
Photography: Kleinefenn

Restaurant 560, Lisbon, Portugal

The Restaurant 560 is located in an old building in Lisbon’s city centre. The unity of the two dining-rooms is given by the osb - wooden material that fully coats the walls, floor and ceiling. The separation between the services area and the eating area is made by a black tile wall, which draws the line to where the bar, kitchen and toilets are, and marks the change in materials.

Design: Joao Tiago Aguiar
Photography: Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra

Nobu Dubai restaurant, Palm Jumeirah, UAE

The Nobu Dubai restaurant (Palm Jumeirah, UAE) includes a main dining area, bar/lounge, private dining room and sushi bar. Three dimensional abaca woven panels surround the main dining area, the bar is made from 3 inch timber solid planks with an onyx backlit front. Sushi bar surfaces are encased in black color bamboo embedded terrazzo.

Design and photography: Rockwell Group